Logo of Art in Mind

Art In Mind is funded by Arran Visual Arts and was started in 2004, a joint venture with the Community Mental Health team who make the referrals to the group.

The group meets every Friday throughout the year and the aim is to introduce local people with mental health problems to Art and self-expression and to help them gain confidence and self worth. Felicity Walker, a professional artist who comes over from the mainland every week and teaches, helps and supports group members with their artistic efforts, helps the group immensely. Some of the members work can be seen at the annual exhibitions. The results demonstrate the major role Felicity plays within the group – as there is a large social element gathering us up from our various chatting places can be a task!

There is a relaxed, friendly and sometimes really industrious atmosphere, not to mention frequent doses of laughter! Time can be spent in group activity and doing your own ‘thing’, with Felicity nearby for help, support and advice – often achieving great results.

A very important aspect of Art in Mind is often people can feel ill, low, scared and very alone, but on making what can be a very real effort to come to the group the atmosphere is such that you can come away feeling you’ve achieved something that day, and maybe not so alone.

So if you feel anxious, apprehensive or unhappy when you’re referred, I hope this information will be of use and encouragement.


Sarah Hay

Art in Mind member