’Get Knotting!’ – An Introduction to Macramé

“Get Knotting” – Walter has been fascinated by Knots and their uses for as long as he can remember – as a cub scout, a keen
sailor and RYA dinghy instructor. He was fortunate to study under Gladys Findlay in Surrey. She was one of the UK’s leading
macramé authorities. Walter’s work has ranged from large wall hangings to small items of every-day use and decorations.
He likes to experiment, using different varieties and colour of cords, beads and other macramé accessories.

Have fun tying yourself up in knots, whilst at the same time produce two or more colourful and useful items. Perhaps a piece
of jewellery, a Christmas decoration or light pull.

This workshop aims to provide a beginners’ introduction to the world of macramé, though, should you be more experienced,
it may help you develop your own ideas. You will learn to tie a few, really easy, basic knots and then apply them both singularly
and in configurations to make the desired item, perhaps with the use of a ring, beads or bells.

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