Foundational Calligraphy Script

Panna is a visual artist and calligrapher, using words and languages to express herself (whether legible or not!).
Ever since being taught calligraphy, all of her art work has incorporated lettering in some form… whether abstract or traditional.
She currently works in her studio combining calligraphy with paper sculptures…. words expressed in a new way. Sharing her
knowledge of calligraphy is very important to her as it is a form of expression. Calligraphy is calming, relaxing and never without
a sense of accomplishment.

In this one day workshop, she will be looking at basics of calligraphy, starting with the holding of the pen, and learning the
traditional Foundational script. You will practice each letter and the shapes and forms of the letters. You will be using calligraphy
felt pens but you will also have the opportunity to try out the traditional ink and nibs. Then, progressing onto creative ways to
use the letters you have just learnt and playing around with creating a beautiful ‘abstract’ calligraphy piece.

Everyone will have a calligraphy worksheet pack to take away so you will hopefully continue to practice at home!

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