Funky Mosaic Mandalas

Jacky has been immersed in mosaic making for over 15 years. From intricate designs to bold abstract patterns, she loves to work
with a wide range of natural, recycled, found and man made materials. She is a big fan of beach combing and incorporates
many of her finds into her mosaic creations.

In this chilled and fun workshop you will learn how to safely use wheeled nippers (the essential mosaic cutting tool!). Using a
method of embedding the materials into a mortar mix, you will create your own bespoke mosaic mandala on a recycled slate
tile, using materials of your choosing. Jacky will provide the slate substrates plus a lovely selection of reclaimed china, sea
washed glass & pottery, vitreous glass tiles and beads. You might also want to incorporate your own embellishments such as
old buttons, beads or pieces of jewellery. Depending on the materials you use, your mandala will be suitable for display inside
or outside.

What is mandala art? Mandala art is a symbolic picture of the universe, the circle that represents wholeness, totality, infinity, timelessness, and unity. Mandala is drawn from the central point and is surrounded by beautiful patterns and decorations that are connected and interrelated.

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